Los Angeles Tryptic

I moved down to L.A. for the same reason everybody moves to L.A. To follow my dreams. From the glitterati outside the night clubs, to all the hard working laptoppers filling the cafes, to the immigrants scrubbing the machinery, making the whole thing run, everyone in Los Angeles is there because their hopes, their desires, their dreams brought them there.

I was one in the numbers. There for a man, for a creative vision, for a promised sense of collective purpose that fell apart in my hands. The man and what I had come  be a part of, all of it disintegrated, evaporating into the illusive and indifferent city. I had gone down there to make art and by the end of it, the only real message I had to express was my most basic search for solid ground. It was a search for a deeper part of myself that could be friendly to the mess I was in. An attempt to stay devoted to my original dream that had brought me to the city of angels to join the telling of my story with the millions of others. All of us vying, in grueling cacophony, to be heard.

Here are three videos I made during that time.

One Here about Self-Love, whatever that is.

One here about the Self, whatever that is.

And one here about Self-Criticism, which we all know so well.

Thank you so much, Enjoy, Share and when times get tough, stay the mother fucking course.

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