The Life of Bones

Tucson hit 110 degrees every day I was there.  A whirlwind week of scavenging like a surface critter from one air conditioned respite to the next, suckling water from a big gulp with an obsessive intensity that carved out half my time in Arizona and placed it ceremonially in the bathroom.

I had more friends there than I thought I would and dear ones. Especially my comrade and colleague Katie Lee, a one-in-a-million find of a human who operates on a level of compassion and brilliance that astounds me regardless of my proximity. She was working with an organizational called Integrative Touch for Kids that is doing some of the most ground breaking and transformational work I’ve ever come across. Bringing together a broad cross-section of healing modalities, they work with special needs children and their entire families to empower them in their own healing. Everything I could write about it would read like an abstract platitude in comparison to the on the ground breaking work they do, so here is a video about it instead:

LEARN MORE about Integrative Touch for Kids HERE

And HERE is a video of me and Katie Lee talking about hummingbirds and bones.

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