Tell Me: How The Fuck YOU DOIN??


Lately, I have been listening to MUSIC. I have always been listening to music, but recently I have been LISTENING to music. Like it’s everything. I have been living inside music, letting it pick me up and carry me with its unique current to the bank of its world where I spend eons exploring its new found wonders,caressing them into galleries of beauty.

I want to share songs with friends. Like: this! THIS! THIIIIIIISSS. You wanna talk how we doin? Check out this fucking SONG. THIS is how I am doing plus. This is how I am doing in my angel body. This is the meaningful part of how I be doing made exalted and worthwhile. And let’s share that.

And in all that, I gotta remember. When I was working as a healer, I had to remind myself that my dream for my life cannot be helping other people connect with the dream for their life.

Now that I am in the sense of being a great appreciator of art, I am reminding myself that the momentum of loving art, of loving experiencing other peoples stories, cannot be limited to experiencing other people’s stories. No. It is inspiration, spark, fodder, for us to tell our own.

It is striking to me that some major trends in TV are towards exquisitely sophisticated story lines with complex characters or reality TV. As if, even the most superficial human being, because of their inherent intricacy, the multitude of nature, nurture and experiences that formed them and the multi-dimensional relationships constellated by the mere fact of existence in proximity to other human beings, is on part with the greatest script writers the world can produce. And this is the caliber of entertainment we demand because of how media savvy and psychologically attuned we are.

One idea I had in the past was that the planet is a singular organism becoming aware of itself as such through the process of human beings externalizing their experience. As they expressed themselves and made some kind of media about it, this media was uploaded into the collective consciousness (through the internet or otherwise) enhancing the feedback loop by which all other parts of the organism could became more aware of themselves by becoming more aware of this aspect of the larger being of which they were a part. In this cosmology, the most imperative things for us to do would be to share our experience and tell out stories, so that their specificity and particularity can become recognized as an element of the larger collective being-ness.

All of which leads me to today where I was lying in the park listening to the Alabama Shakes, working on my writing and made this lil video.

Check out the Video HERE

Check out the Alabama Shakes HERE–> This song bangs!


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