Men, Men, Men!! An Ode to David Deida… Kinda

There is a lot of guff about the New Age use of the words masculine and feminine. They don’t jive too well with the current political climate… or like, the women’s movement. But there is something archetypally essential about these distinctions. And if we can decouple them from genitalia and the socially-constructed gender roles for men and women, we are left with a very ancient system of understanding some of the basic principals of the way things seems to work. I am talking about polarity here. About yin and yang and the magnetism of opposites.

This is what I mean when I say masculine and feminine: two energies of different qualities and natural behaviors that create charge. They create charge within an individual, between two people, on larger scales of biological organisms and within moments in time. In understanding their dance, we understand ourselves and our world better. We gain greater clarity in our desires and weather or not they are being fulfilled.

Sexuality may be the greatest harnessing of polarity to create charge that we experience as human beings. Great sex is right up there with peak experiences, drug induced states, birth, near death experiences and spiritual ecstasy. Pretty energy-rich company! It says a lot that sexual exchange between two heterosexual people can lead to the creation and propagation of new life.

But what is this force moving through us? Sometimes it seems like attraction is decided by something beyond us, either in the micro-mysteries of our DNA or in patterns of larger, dimensional forces. And somehow all of this interacts with our egos, identities, urges and day to day business of trying to be a person getting their rocks off. Hopefully sometimes going for our fantasies. Probably sometimes taking what we can get. And, most hopefully of all, getting in touch with our most core desires and having those desires fulfilled.

Because my secret hunch is that that is where it’s at. An aspect of the secret key to making our lives happen in miraculous joy lies in understanding these polarities and their complex dance through our lives.

So if I got to admit that I want a man to do what David Deida says that shivic masculine pole does for my earthly fulfillment, healthy bio-energetic radiance and potential spiritual transcendence??? Then so be it. Come to me amazing masculine pole person!! Come to me!



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