The Idea of Woman: Unpacking Internalized Sexism

I am turning thirty in a few weeks and I am taking the opportunity to take stock and make some very clear choices. Specifically, I have a lot of bullshit floating around in me about what it means to be a woman. About who women are, who men are and who I am supposed to be.

This crap? This crap is not going to be let in unexamined through the door of my next decade. This crap, all of these internalized voices that restrict my authentic expression, I ceremoniously unpack them here in this epic video to the best of my ability. So that they may see the light of day and in doing so, they may evaporate from me and I may be liberated from their tyranny.

Step by step. A gradual, joyful process emerges. A gradual, joyful process of become ever more myself.


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