Texture Reviews with Maraya and Zaaaque

Me and my friend Zaaaque had such a good time reviewing apples we decided to get together again and review something else: TEXTURE. We ended up getting weird and loopy in his vape shop and made this video.

The video is definitely goofy, but the topic is one close to my heart. In my own life it has been my connection to my own sensuality, particularly touch, that brings me back to myself. When I am confused about relationships, when I am overwhelmed by the world, it is the direct experience of my senses that provides the path back home. When I am embodied, I can better understand what is happening around me and I am more empowered to act authentically.

At this time when so much in the social sphere is terrifying and unjust there is the potential to feel powerless. To not know how to act or what to do. These are precisely the times when a return to our bodies, our senses, our pleasure, our deepest selves is so important. So that we may act from that place. And so that the world generated by our actions mirrors that authentic seed.

Take a breath. Ground into your senses. Feel the world around you. Feel the world inside you. Act with sincerity. And remember: laugh a lot.

Hope you ENJOY this wacky video!

Check out the video HERE!!

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