Rank, Power and Privilege

I just came back from an amazing conference in Greece called World Work. It was a gathering of 600 people from over 74 countries all coming together to get to know the emotions underneath global issues and work towards building relationship processes that enable coexistence.

There were people from Afghanistan and Turkey and South African and Australia and all over the place, AMAZING people engaged in all kinds of things, all coming together in GREECE, which is like a little microcosm of all these issues like refugees and the economics failures of capitalism and we were all there to do this work together and see if between us we could actually make space for diversity and actually practice communicating around the realities of difference.

Building this world, a world of deep diversity and coexistence, requires an honest reckoning of the systemic, interpersonal and internalized oppression that currently exists. It means including the ghosts of history and speaking to past traumas. It means tracking ourselves in the moment and learning how to use ourselves as sensors for what is going on for us and how to communicate about it with each other.

The whole magnificent experience got me thinking a lot of rank, power and privilege. So I made this little video for you.

Lots of love, a few photos from Greece and CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE!! 


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