*You Are Enough, Laugh A Lot, Keep Grinding*

Welcome to another video that I thought would be three minutes and ended up being twenty. If you’re interested in the cliff notes, it goes like this:

  1. You are enough.
  2. Laugh a lot.
  3. Keep Grinding.

If you are curious about the astrology of leadership, how to make a sustainable revolution or the dangers of applying chapstick before filming yourself,


I’ve been noticing that recently my videos have been speaking about activism or to activists. It’s in the air. Coming from a political background, I personally have a lot of strong feelings about how toxic activist culture can be. Right now the political climate is inspiring people to get involved like never before. This means that there is the potential to recreate some of the dynamics that cause burn out and perpetuate inefficient cycles that suck the fire out of revolutionary fervor, leaving us worse off than before.

This video is about how to balance that drive towards wanting to act in the world while being true to our feelings and pace. It is a necessary balance for assuring the sustainability of our lives, our work and our globe. It can be applied to the actions we choose when working towards social justice and environmentalism in the same way that it can be applied to the process of living our authentic desires and simply getting paid while doing what we want to be doing and what it is right for us to be doing in the world.

If we can channel our criticism into potent learning for how we want to be as leaders, movers and shakers, we have a much greater chance of creating the change we wish to see. This is a powerful moment for all of us. Listen to yourself. Follow your truth. Don’t forget the laughing part. And keep grinding ❤


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