I’ve been dating a lot. It’s new and interesting territory for me. I’ve always been a black and white kinda girl. Not liking anyone and then getting intensely obsessed with one person for years. In dating there is a lot of gray. A lot of

‘I like some things about you….’

‘what DOES my body want to do with yours?…’

It makes me realize that while my all-or-nothing style didn’t protect me from heartbreak, it did save me from having to do all these really hard things. Like figure out the subtle complexities and contradictions of what I feel, to communicate them accurately, to rejected and be rejected.

It’s a whole different world than going for the same person over and over with all you got no matter what they do or don’t do to meet you, but I have this hunch that in the end it will serve me better. I’m certainly learning a lot and I made this video about it to share with all of you.



Lots of love and more to come ❤



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