Poet.Addict.Activist.Academic.Mystic.Healer.Processworker: My Story

Hello Friends. My School, the Process Work Institute, is accepting applications for their master’s program in Process-Oriented Facilitation this fall October, 2017. I can’t recommend this program enough. I have been encouraged, supported and challenged to discover my authentic self, to get to know all the different parts of me and to embrace them.

Process Oriented Psychology, or Processwork, is not a very sexy name. It is vague and clinical, which is unfortunate for such a rich and vibrant paradigm. But it is also purposefully open. The thrust of Processwork is for each person to find their way with it, their style, their passions, their authentic path through the world. The program gives us tools and techniques for how to do this more effectively and more joyfully.

In THIS VIDEO I tell a little bit about my story and how Processswork has helped me on the road to self-love and happiness I hope you enjoy it.

You can find out more by messaging me or emailing: outreach@processwork.org

much love,




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