The Anatomy of Truth is a monthly series exploring a diversity of patterns, dynamics and possible alternatives within the psyche. This is a place to understand what our beings are engaged with at a deeper level and discover how the tendencies we are currently enacting indicate a future path towards wholeness and liberation.


  • JULY 9th: The Structure of Reactivity: Working with Internalized Oppression
  • AUGUST 1st: Do You Love Me? Innerwork Tools for Intimate Relationships
  • SEPTEMBER 5th: Mapping the Matrix of Narcissism and Codependency
  • OCTOBER 3rd:Multi-Dimensionality As A Tool of Decolonization
  • NOVEMBER 5th: Everybody Wants A Good Dom: The BDSM of Self-Actualization, Power and Daily Life
  • DECEMBER 4th: Core Erotic Templates: Trauma, Eros and Authentic Desire


EVENTS ARE FROM 7pm – 9 pm @Process Work Institute, 2049 NW HOYT AVE PORTLAND, OR

For queers and non-queers, all genders and non-genders.
$5-$15 donation requested.
No one turned away for lack of funds.


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