Sex Talk


Sex Talk

@ The Process Work Institute 2049 NW Hoyt St, Portland, Oregon 97209

Join us for a community conversation about sexy topics as we experience them in real life. JOIN THE MEETUP!


There are plenty of resources out there telling us what sex is and how to do it. Everything ranging from tips and tricks to psychological communication hacks. This is not about that. There are no experts presenting here and no how-to tutorials.

This is a place to be real about what sex is actually like for us- how we experience our sexuality and all the weird, wild, challenging, taboo, shameful, vulnerable, confusing, mysterious, relational, communicational stuff that goes along with it.

To start off, we explore the topic together and let the discussion emerge from the group. During the second part of our time, we create an opt-in exercise inspired by our conversation that can be done solo or with others. Exercises will be designed to deepen our understanding our ourselves and provide an experience that may open up new insight. 

Everyone is welcome. However and whether you are sexually active with others, solo or not at all, this is a place to explore the full diversity of experiences relative to human sexuality and -potentially- learn together more of who we are and connect with our own truth about ourselves.

For queers and non-queers.
$5-$15 donation requested.
No one turned away for lack of funds.


  • JULY: The Polarities of Oral Sex
  • AUGUST: To Talk or Not To Talk?
  • SEPTEMBER: Arousal: What’s A Turn On?
  • OCTOBER: Speed
  • NOVEMBER: Duration
  • DECEMBER: Desire and Desireability

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