Internal Tools for Intimate Relationships

Relationships, baby!
They are a beautiful thing.
And can be SUPER challenging.

Here are some clips from my recent online workshop for   sharing some tools and perspectives that have helped me IMMENSELY when it comes to working with my own process in relationships.

So often in relationships we feel hurt, paralyzed, confused, upset, unable to communicate or have difficulty making decisions. The stakes are high and fear, pain and anxiety can run the show.

This workshop offers a rich library of tools and techniques that can help us move forward during these excruciating and difficult times. It can be challenging to remember in the moment, but there are things we can do during the hard times to help clarify what we are feeling and put the diverse aspects of ourselves in communication with each other. There are also ways to cultivate our awareness during the good times and enrich our experience of engaged intimacy. Practicing these skills can benefit us in all our relationships to help us have more fun and meaningful connections.

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