Rodent Poem

Hey Friends,

I realized it’s been a while since I posted, so I’m sharing this journal page I wrote today in my car on the way home because why not:


Leaves skittering across the street like rodents.

Something alive and searching

something trying to survive.


I know enough to know

you have to catch it when it comes.

All of it is fleeting

and always here.


One moment I am worrying,

how come we don’t get into more fights

like other people do.

One moment I am calling the memory of your body,

to wrap its blanket around me

soothe me into breathing.

One moment I am me again,

without you

with the choice to conjure you or not.


How does a rodent cross the road.

Why does a leaf.

A tumble of moments.

A single great gust of wind.


*Art by Bruno Penabranca*

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