How To Get Over Your Ex

It’s Valentine’s Day, and while the world is celebrating the joyful side of romantic relationships (maybe) I want to take this moment to focus on the other half of romance: Break-ups.

Break-ups have been some of the most agonizing pain I have ever been through. Lots of other things have hurt of been challenging, but break-ups have demolished me. Break-ups have destroyed me beyond what I thought possible.

Because of this- I have studied break-ups. I have looked intimately at what helps us move through this tremendously difficult process and put it together for this workshop with my online group STARK. STARK is an open group and you can join our monthly meetings whenever you want.

For now, hope you enjoy these video clips from the online course. Sending you much love out there and wishing you deep, rich, rewarding processes ❤


*Photo By Nan Goldin*

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