Pleasure Activism vs. Teleological Activism

lol- ok. This is the kind of shit I think about constantly.

Some people motivate themselves through constructing teleological narratives, they believe that consciously crafting a story to contextualize our experience is the way to motivate collective involvement in creating social change.

However, Pleasure Activism in on the rise promoting the possibility of motivating behavior through a present moment of embodied depth connection. The fear of releasing the teleological narratives is that we will fall into a depressed nihilism and evil will prevail. However, it is possible that coming from pleasure can be just as useful and potentially even a more sustainable way of participating in the ever evolving socio-political and natural rhythms of life happening.

Adrienne Maree Brown for more on Pleasure Activism:

Conner Habib on an OG Pleasure Activist, Charles Fourier :

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