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I am SO excited to share with you this astrology podcast that I have been creating with my dear friend Arakai Moon. Here is the description: 

Plants, Planets, & Sexual Alchemy: getting real about this wild cosmic reality with BFF’s Arakai & Maraya. Travel the infinite dimensions with your road lioness companions, weaving individual & collective patterns into embodied, relevant insights for navigating life on earth, dismantling oppressive systems and coming into glorious communion with the web of existence. 

Doesn’t that just sound so dope? Part of our vision for the podcast is to share the bold, strange and psychedelic interpretations of astrology that don’t often get spoken about. If you are bored of all those normal astrology podcasts, then this one is for you!

You can learn more on our website: and listen wherever you get your podcasts:

Where to start?

these two are great

Scorpio Goes for the Jugular: In this episode we look at how we not only identified with out sexual-social search, but how we ARE our sexual-social search. It is our sexual-social search that forms the foundation of how we understand ourselves, move through life and relate to others. The desire activity of our search is the deepest fire of our being, the fulcrum point of all our other activities of attachment, craving and aversion. Join us on this wild ride, into the scorpion magma erupting from the deep ocean all the way to how it forms the very earth of our being.

Blessed Are the Virgos: Out of all the astrological signs, Virgo gets a bad wrap. There is something about Virgo that is often overlooked or misunderstood. In this episode, we explore the spiritual and evolutionary dynamics of Virgo. We discuss what gets projected onto this sign, how this plays in relationships and society and how that can become psychologically internalized. For the Virgo in all of us, this is the episode to praise the spiritual belly of this archetype and restore it to its rightful place as sacred messenger of systemic intelligence for us all.


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About the author

maraya karena

I am an observer of consciousness. Falling asleep and waking up again from within the cycles of my own rhytym. What is happening? What is trying to happen? No one knows what is going on. I love you. 

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