Poet.Addict.Activist.Academic.Mystic.Healer.Processworker: My Story Hello Friends! My School, the Process Work Institute, is accepting applications for their master’s program in Process-Oriented Facilitation this fall October, 2017. I can’t recommend this program enough. I have been encouraged, supported and challenged to discover my authentic self, to get to know all the different parts of me and to embrace them. …

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The Traveler

The Traveler *photo credit: Sally Mann A Poem Sometimes I miss myself. Where am I? Not out there. All those places of far-flung wildness where I went searching. Digging around for something I had no words for. No. Right here. Right here. All here. Except for that part of me, that persistent and necessary part …

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The Musician

The Musician A Poem We don’t see each other often and so I take pleasure in the preparation. Night time languid at the mirror. A few extra minutes with make up. Freshly shaved. Sensitive. Stimulated. Even by the rub of my jeans. . Because I do not love him I love to watch him move …

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Swan Island

Swan Island Here is a melodramatic poem about a guy Because sometimes, making good art is too high a standard to hold. And because, sometimes, the cheesiest, most cliché, stories are also the most true. For MORE check the poem Swan island I saw you in your car once.Getting on the interstate to Swan Island.It …

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Dualistic Thinking: Who Controls The Categories, Controls Reality

Dualistic Thinking: Who Controls The Categories, Controls Reality MORE VIDEOS!!!!!! My most recent podcast on the nature of dualistic thinking and the branching patterns of alternative operating systems for organizing reality. Enjoy, xx For MORE check the video CHECK OUT fresh new videos let’s go back to the blog Want more content? check these out …

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Life Skillz

Life Skillz What are the skills that actually contribute to becoming an adult? I will probably always need people on YouTube to tell me how to do my taxes and organize my closet, but does knowing how to do those things make me an adult? This video series shares 3 of the skills I’ve learned …

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