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FREE COURSE: Black Moon Lilith

Free Course: Black MoonLilith A DEEP DIVE INTO THE DYNAMICS OF HER Are you curious about the hidden patterns in your life?Do you find yourself grappling with questions about your own power and purpose?Black Moon

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Relationship First Aid

Relationship First Aid Hey friends. Someone asked me the other day why I am a couples counselor. They were sharing how hard couples counseling had been for them and couldn’t see why I would want

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Astrology Podcast

Astrology Podcast Oh friends! I am SO excited to share with you this astrology podcast that I have been creating with my dear friend Arakai Moon. Here is the description: Plants, Planets, & Sexual Alchemy:

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A Process-Oriented Approach to Addiction

A Process-Oriented Approach to Addiction Oh friends! Here is a short presentation on one tool that has been SUPER insightful to me from Process-Oriented Psychology in Approaching Addictions. It is about connecting to the state

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Processwork, Astrology & Desire

Processwork, Astrology & Desire Stars & Planets & Process & desire My dear friend Sabrina Monarch had me on her podcast, The Magic of the Spheres, to discuss a few of my favorite things.   Enjoy,

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Maiden to Mother

Maiden to Mother Oh friends! How can we apply archetypal principles to help navigate the tendency towards traditionally and reconnect to authentic desire EVEN when you are a female bodied person of child-baring age? Some

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Poet.Addict.Activist.Academic.Mystic.Healer.Processworker: My Story Hello Friends! My School, the Process Work Institute, is accepting applications for their master’s program in Process-Oriented Facilitation this fall October, 2017. I can’t recommend this program enough. I have been encouraged, supported and

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The Traveler

The Traveler *photo credit: Sally Mann A Poem Sometimes I miss myself. Where am I? Not out there. All those places of far-flung wildness where I went searching. Digging around for something I had no

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The Musician

The Musician A Poem We don’t see each other often and so I take pleasure in the preparation. Night time languid at the mirror. A few extra minutes with make up. Freshly shaved. Sensitive. Stimulated.

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The Perils of Righteousness

The Perils of Righteousness When we are connected to righteousness we are plugged into a great sense of power that is bigger than we are.  Through the lens of righteousness we channel this power and

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