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Swan Island

Swan Island Here is a melodramatic poem about a guy Because sometimes, making good art is too high a standard to hold. And because, sometimes, the cheesiest, most cliché, stories are also the most true.

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Flaquito: A Short Story

Flaquito A SHORT STORY 1. My two Argentinian friends. Esteban and Santiago. Even now their names are like honey in my mouth. I meet them one day by the store near the pista, the main road.

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Raising Children in the Future

Raising Children in the Future A glorious web of weird ideas To liberate us from the tyranny of linear time and play with how generations relate to each other via the people who are born

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Life Skillz

Life Skillz What are the skills that actually contribute to becoming an adult? I will probably always need people on YouTube to tell me how to do my taxes and organize my closet, but does

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Rodent Poem

Rodent Poem Yup. A Random Poem.  Hey Friends, I realized it’s been a while since I posted, so I’m sharing this journal page I wrote today in my car on the way home because why

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Body Language

Body Language Body Language is so fucking cool. Check out this video with examples and shit. Enjoy, xx For MORE check the video CHECK OUT fresh new videos let’s go back to the blog Want

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The Deep Self

The Deep Self What is the self?  In honor of this timeless question, I spliced together clips from dancing at night in my house with some of the nature places we visited during our studies.

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