The Philosophical Significance of Narcissism and Codependency

Welcome to one of my favorite mytho-psychological, onto-epistemological phenomenons! I have do a deep study of these issues, personally, anecdotally and exploring the research. In the end, I have come to the conclusion that these clusters of behaviors and internal mechanisms are part of an underlying issue that has to do with the ways in…

Community: And Other Positive Disillusionments

Here is a video of a talk I did at the People’s Philosophy Colloquium in Portland, Oregon. They are an awesome group, go check em out! The talk is about a trend I have noticed about how community is being held up as an answer to some of the toughest social and existential challenges we…

Your Look

I made this video after a fight with my partner when I felt like I finally understood his point, his way of seeing things and what he was trying to tell me.

The Deep Self

I am graduating this week from a five year Processwork Diplomate Program! In honor of my journey I spliced together clips from dancing at night in my house with some of the nature places we visited during our studies. Enjoy, xx

Deep Democracy in Relationships

Welcome to these clips from my online workshop: Deep Democracy in Relationships What is Deep Democracy? Deep Democracy is  is a values system, a worldview, a  spiritual practice a psychological orientation, an ecological principle and a political philosophy, among many other things. As a Values System It is the belief that every voice matters. That…

Dolphin Tantra

My boyfriend took me to Hawai’i for my birthday and we went swimming with dolphins. One of them pierced my soul with their gaze. Insights about my own spiritual psychology came spilling forth. Check the vid for story time ❤

Body Language

Body Language is so fucking cool. Check out this video with examples and shit.


Hey Friends! Just did a course on how to work with Jealousy- of others and in relationships. You can check out my Group STARK to catch my live monthly courses and the online learning platform PROCESSWORK ONLINE to see other monthly trainings and offerings. Check it out ❤

The Metaphysics of Prejudice

I’d like to share a video of a recent lecture I did for The People’s Philosophy Colloquium in Portland, Or. The topic was The Metaphysics of Prejudice: Understanding Power, Privilege and Oppression at the Level of Consciousness. In it, I identify the central dualism that structures the current political landscape of identity politics and show…

How To Get Over Your Ex

It’s Valentine’s Day, and while the world is celebrating the joyful side of romantic relationships (maybe) I want to take this moment to focus on the other half of romance: Break-ups. Break-ups have been some of the most agonizing pain I have ever been through. Lots of other things have hurt of been challenging, but…