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Transforming Codependency

When: Wednesdays, October 7th, 17th and 21st

11am – 1pm Pacific Time (PDT)

*Attend live, watch the recordings or both!*

COST: $97


  • 3 Live Meetings of 2 Hours Each
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings
  • Journal Prompts, Guided Meditations and Art Projects

What is co-dependency and how can we find a new way to relate to our intimate partners? Our modern culture is obsessed with romantic love. This can leave us looking for the realization of our deepest dreams and desires in our romantic relationships. In attempting to actualize our best relationships, we often fall into destructive and imprisoning patterns. In this course we will explore how this happens and how your own process holds the keys for a new way of relating.


Processwork Online Community

This is an open group for those interested in Processwork and anyone involved in consciousness facilitation arts. We host a free, monthly seminars featuring guest presenters and ongoing workshops and courses on a variety of themes.

If you are curious about processwork, or want to learn in a community of inspiring colleagues, you can check out the website HERE. and join our Facebook Group where we post event details and have ongoing conversations.


Asking for What You Want in Sex and Relationships

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Practical tools and deep awareness models for everyone!

Visit the STARK Online Group at the Processwork Online Community for more information.


Infant Massage Online Video Course

A few friends of mine have recently given birth. It has inspired me to make this online video course about something I am SUPER passionate about: INFANT MASSAGE!!! Infant Massage is a beautiful thing for babies and care givers alike. If you have a new little one in your life, check out this free online course. Feel free to comment of message me with any questions and check out for more.

I consider Infant Massage to be a service work and a part of social justice. If you would like to book an in person training or live online series, contact me and we can make it happen pro bono or for an affordable donation price.

Watch the full course BY CLICKING HERE!

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