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IndividuaLITY & IndividuaTION

In this lecture we will explore the how the concept and creation of ‘self’ is structured in phenomenological praxis with media. We will discuss the current nuances of identity construction as influenced by the individual imperative to generate semiotic self-representations. How is the nature of identity shifting within the larger techno-social ecosystem of late capitalism? How does this depart from previous processes of understanding and participation in the creation of a ‘self?’ What are the implications of this regarding art, self-realization and the potential for social justice movements? There will be a presentation of theory, time for discussion and an experiential exercise.  


The Metaphysics of Prejudice

So often, when we discuss power, privilege and oppression we limit our lens of discourse to the social level. We debate ideas, we assert moral positions, occasionally we self-reflect. But what is truly happening at the level of consciousness when we engage in prejudice? In this lecture we will expand the frameworks used to address structural inequality to help us understand how the whole human being is involved in the process of privilege and oppression.


Community and Other Positive Disillusionments

Different eras and places have held up certain possibilities of human experience as the answer for their times. Each person has their own unique combination of experiences where they look for fulfillment and the release from suffering. This can be the family, romantic connection, meaningful work, actualized creativity, and so on. In this historical moment, I have noticed an idealized vision of community and interpersonal connection being held up as an answer to society’s ills and the individual’s desire for meaning and belonging. In this lecture, we will give a historical overview of the concepts of utopia and other salvation narratives as they relate to the media portrayal of community in the present day. 


The Philosophical Significance of Narcissism and Codependency

In this lecture, we take an overarching look at the system dynamics of Narcissism and Codependency. Where do they come from? How do they develop? How do they work together? What skills and approaches can help break the cycle? What is the evolutionary potential for growth within each and within the relational interaction?

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This is the culmination of YEARS of research, study and practice. We are going to covering theory and practice to help get you in touch with yourself, your dream and your TRUTH!

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Exploring a diversity of patterns, dynamics and possible alternatives within the psyche. This is a place to understand what our beings are engaged with at a deeper level and how we are connected to larger, cyclical patterns within/ as nature.


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