Rodent Poem

Yup. A Random Poem. 

Hey Friends,

I realized it’s been a while since I posted, so I’m sharing this journal page I wrote today in my car on the way home because why not:


Rodent Poem

Leaves skittering across the street like rodents.

Something alive and searching

something trying to survive.


I know enough to know

you have to catch it when it comes.

All of it is fleeting

and always here.


One moment I am worrying,

how come we don’t get into more fights

like other people do.

One moment I am calling the memory of your body,

to wrap its blanket around me

soothe me into breathing.

One moment I am me again,

without you

with the choice to conjure you or not.


How does a rodent cross the road.

Why does a leaf.

A tumble of moments.

A single great gust of wind.



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About the author

maraya karena

I am an observer of consciousness. Falling asleep and waking up again from within the cycles of my own rhytym. What is happening? What is trying to happen? No one knows what is going on. I love you. 

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