What Is Happening?

What is Trying To Happen?

Individual and Couples Counseling


Evolutionary Astrology Readings

One thing I did not learn growing up was how to understand what was really going on for me. I spent years not knowing how to listen to my own feelings or what to do once I found them.

And I am still learning. A little more all the time. I have spent the past decade studying how to become aware of the subtle signals in a situation and how to follow them in a way that shows who we really are and what we really want.

The learning and unlearning this takes has become my devotion. Being with others and doing this together had become something I love. Together we discover how to be with what is. To see ourselves and others clearly. To feel what is happening and what is trying to happen.

It takes courage, maintenance and rigorous honesty to find and follow our true nature. It is a revolutionary act of upmost importance and one that can be made easier with support.

  • Understanding and Accessing Emotions
  • Sexuality, Intimacy and Relationships
  • Creative Blocks and Visions
  • Career Choices and Capitalism
  • Navigating Patriarchy and Internalized Oppression
  • Managing Inner Criticism, Paralysis and Self-Doubt
  • Psychedelics and Spirituality
  • Dreams
  • Existentialism
  • How to Recognize and Facilitate Conflict
  • Embodiment and Sensuality
  • Queer, Poly, Sex-Positive, Kink


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