Writing Coaching and Editing

Our creativity is a search for our deepest selves. It is a journey to refine and express our truth, to give body and home to the felt mysteries within us. It can be a lonely road and a challenging one. Our creativity contains all of our growing edges. When we work on our expression, we work on the entirety of ourselves, making how we come forward in the world more reflective of who we truly are. This is a profound process that can often be much easier and more productive with support.

Maraya Karena offers facilitation for the creative process:

College Application Essays

Writing Coaching

Conceptual Development

Creative Support

Process-Oriented Editing


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What people Are saying:

“A huge thank you shines out from my heart to Maraya Karena, my final project angel, for her generous spirit and sharp mind. I feel so blessed to have found such a special editor.”


“Maraya has maintained the utmost level of professionalism and given her cognitive agility, I would recommend her for any project to which she brought to bear her considerable talent, seemingly endless patience, and her writer’s ear.”


“Maraya has a quiet wisdom beyond her years while retaining the enthusiasm and humor of youth. In her listening her advice comes from a deep empathic understanding and a rich knowledge of the world fed by her travels, studies, and her own poetic writing. Acting sometimes as a sort of therapist, project manager, and improvisational actor, she’s managed to keep good humor through grueling deadlines.”