The Perils of Righteousness

When we are connected to righteousness we are plugged into a great sense of power that is bigger than we are.

 Through the lens of righteousness we channel this power and use it against the other side in our efforts to take a stand for our own. If we stay only here, if we stay only in us versus them dynamics- with no compassion, no empathy, no feeling for the other side- we cycle the same old story of war and war and abuse of power and more war.

There are so many big challenges right now. They are between us. Between us as people. We are in a moment were it feels necessary to find a different way to use our power, to use our leadership, to find a new way within ourselves that will enable us to create true, transformational change.


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About the author

maraya karena

I am an observer of consciousness. Falling asleep and waking up again from within the cycles of my own rhytym. What is happening? What is trying to happen? No one knows what is going on. I love you. 

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